Your found the right place to grab vcds!!!


What`s it all about?

copy a vcd track to your hd..
copy a cdda track to your hd


More or less, none.. just copy the libs to libs:

  1. if more tracks are listed as the infoarea can display, a scroller appears now.
  2. infoarea is now a newgui gadget , with all consequeces like popupmenü , repositioning aso.
  3. BugFix: cdda tracks over 4:00 minutes had problems while playback , fixed. Files are now full length


old vcdsave with old gfx system

vcdsave with new gfx system and a fix in trackhandling

You will find a SHELL and a GUI version in the archive a readme is present. On a 68040/33 it take 55% Cpu usage with a SCSI CDR and an SCSI HD to grab the track with app. 2100 KB/s. These values vary from system to system, from drive to drive, from disk to disk!
The NewGui System is no longer supplied with VCDSAVE.
Please download and install it seperate.
If you don`t upgrade NewGui, some functions won`t work propper

Have Fun

                                   VCD Save

                             ******** 0.3 *******

    What it does:

       It saves tracks from (s)vcd cd roms to a hd .

    How to install:

       copy #?.libs to libs: 

       check the frog.library , it may not be the lastest version, use always
       the latest frogger archive if you have problems.

    How to use:

       There are two versions one for the shell:

         - saves track 2

           vcdsave device=blizzppc.device unit=3 o=files:track_2.mpg track=2

         - shows information about vcd

           vcdsave d=blizzppc.device u=3 INFO

        and one for guilovers :-)

        I think it explains itself far enough to let alone with the buttons :)

        The modus gadget :

            VCD  -  for (S)VCDs , Track 1 disabled.
           CDDA  -  for AUDIO Tracks and CD-ROMS with INTEL Mode!
           CDDM  -  for AUDIO Tracks and CD-ROMS with MOTOROLA Mode!

           You will notice the right CDDA Mode when the playback is fine.

           *Note* Right now, NOT EVERY CD-R is working right now !!!

           *Note*   You will notice it in writelen of 0 bytes !!!

        The 3 integer gadgets :

            Cache: how many blocks to read at once ( 10 -> default 1000 -> 10000 )
            Read:  max readspeed of your drive in KB/s  def. 5000
            Write: max writespeed of your hd in KB/s    def. 15000

        Don`t use to few cacheblocks or to many, 10000 takes a lot RAM!!! and
        does not necessarily speed up reading.

        The four bars do this:

            1. shows messages, mostly errormessages.

            2. progressbar 

            3. read speed ( in colors ;) )
            4. write speed ( same ) 

        * WTF do you mean with colors???? *

        Black :  0/8 -> 1/8 max Speed
        Red   :  1/8 -> 2/8 max
        Violet:  2/8 -> 3/8 max
        Blue  :  3/8 -> 4/8 max
        Cyan  :  4/8 -> 5/8 max
        Green :  5/8 -> 6/8 max
        Yellow:  6/8 -> 7/8 max
        White :  7/8 -> 8/8 max
        Why i used it is ovious , much more information for you about the vcd

        BTW: you don`t get only 8 colors, you get "max" colors , because any
             value between x/8 -> y/8 is converted to a matching color. 


        Cyborg Klammeraffe Benderirc punkt de


        to Elf for his froglib and of course for frogger :)


        someone with more graphicskills as myself ;)


        I planed an eject/load button for it.


        If you find one, mail me.

        If it does not start it does not find its libraries!

        If it does show trashed graphics, place the .deep file
        in the same dir as the exe.